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Find hints for making calls using the ekit phone service. The hints vary for different countries.

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Hints for using ekit's phone service

Making Calls

  • When using the phone service to make another call do not hang up. Hold down the # key and follow the voice prompts.
  • When using the phone service, if you know the numbers of the functions you need, you can dial ahead without waiting for the voice prompts.
  • When making a call, dial only the country code, area code and phone number — DO NOT dial your telephone company's international dialling prefix before the country code.
  • Use touch-tone phones only. Not all push button phones are touch-tone phones. To find out, press a few numbers on the phone you are using and you will hear the difference. If the phone you are using is a touch-tone phone you will hear tones, if the phone is a pulse phone you will hear clicking (pulses). Some phones can be change from pulse to tone by pressing the * key.
  • Before you make an international call using the phone service, check the User guide to see if the country you are in has an economy number. Remember though, you may still need to pay for the timed local call to the economy number. So if you're calling from a mobile phone or hotel phone, it may not work out to be the cheapest option.
  • Before you go to a cyber-cafe, call the phone service and check how many new voicemails and emails you have. It'll save you time and money.

From payphones

  • In some countries you may require a coin deposit or use of a local phonecard to call toll-free numbers.

From hotels

  • Hotels are not obliged to recognise International Toll Free numbers as free and may charge you for the call. Please check with the hotel reception.

From mobile / wireless phones

  • Charges may apply to call International Toll Free numbers. Please check with your mobile carrier.