Our Phonecard and Travel SIM services will cease operation on June 30th, 2021.

For more information, please read our letter to our customers and FAQ.

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Making calls Access numbers
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Access numbers

Access numbers are the phone numbers you need to dial to access ekit's phone service.

Calling from a Hotel
Check with the operator of the Hotel on how to make a toll-free call from your room.
Calling from a Payphone
Payphone access varies from country to country.
Calling from a Mobile
Additional fees may be charged by your mobile provider for accessing ekit. Contact your mobile provider for more information.


Country Access number Alternate number
Australia 1800-150-812  
Australia (Adelaide Economy) 08-8121-8880 *  
Australia (Brisbane Economy) 07-3102-8880 *  
Australia (Melbourne Economy) 03-9010-0225 *  
Australia (Perth Economy) 08-9467-8880 *  
Australia (Sydney Economy) 02-8208-3000 *  
Canada 1866-626-9724 1800-808-5773  
France 0805-118-317  
Germany 0800-183-8145 *  
New Zealand 0800-445-108  
New Zealand (Auckland Economy) 09-887-6966 *  
United Kingdom (+44) 0207-943-2772 * 0800-376-2366  
United States (48 States) 1800-706-1333  
United States (Atlanta Economy) 1-404-592-4542 *  
United States (Boston Economy) 1-617-517-0371 *  
United States (Chicago Economy) 1-312-281-0339 *  
United States (Denver Economy) 1-303-552-9727 *  
United States (Hawaii) 1800-527-6786  
United States (Houston Economy) 1-713-481-4844 *  
United States (Los Angeles Economy) 1-213-337-5555 *  
United States (New York {Manhattan} Economy) 1-646-205-0193 *  
United States (New York {Staten Island} Economy) 1-718-989-7239 *  
United States (Philadelphia Economy) 1-215-525-9012 *  
United States (San Francisco Economy) 1-415-373-9986 *  
United States (Seattle Economy) 1-206-508-7320 *  
United States (Washington Dc Economy) 1-202-747-9618 *  

For all other countries call +44 207 943 2772, international call charges may apply.

* Economy access numbers offer cheaper per minute rates than toll-free access numbers in specific cities and regions, although you are charged the cost of a local call.
Unavailable from mobile phones in some cases.
Unavailable from payphones in some cases.
Higher charges may be incurred from mobiles and payphones.
¢ After dialing the first part of the Access Number you will hear a dial tone. When you hear the tone enter 5072, then follow the prompts.
∞ The Hotel or the local telecommunications carrier will charge to connect the call. The charge may equal the cost of a one minute call to the United Kingdom.
Please refer to Rates and Making Calls before using.